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a place for friends. lol
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 A little bit of a redesign!

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A little bit of a redesign! Empty
PostSubject: A little bit of a redesign!   A little bit of a redesign! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 6:15 am

OK, so if this forum is going to be public (as in put on flyers, ect...) we're gonna need to be a little more organized.

I separated everything into sub-forums to make navigation a little easier, this should also help to keep topics focused as we grow.

Oh, and since you guys & girls are all ground floor, you should help me draft up some quick rules & guidelines to make us a little less intimidating to the general public.

I.E. No Scifags. Or anything that could be used against us by press or cultists

Thats really the big one, & for that matter the only one I can think of. Feel free to chime in.

One last thing: If there is anything I do that you don't like, send me a PM or post a thread or whatever. I don't have any experience administrating forums so I need feedback.

Thanks everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: A little bit of a redesign!   A little bit of a redesign! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2008 1:50 am

This is the huge email I sent out for March 15th.

Quote :

First of all, the location has changed. The previous raid on 2/10 was on the corner of Fourth and Ralston, by the CoS. The location of the 3/15 raid will be at the Walgreens on Virginia right off of I-80 (750 N Virginia St) near St. Mary‘s Regional Medical Center. We have changed it to this location to hopefully draw more attention on the busy street.

The protest begins at 11am, to match the other protests going on that day. The 2/10 raid lasted about 4 hours, and you are encouraging to stay the full length, but you maybe leave whenever you need to.


If you don't have a sign, don't worry. I will be there early with lots of extra materials and big markers, and will help you think of what to put on it. Also, if you have any materials that could help us out, like big pieces of cardboard, poster board, markers, or paper, please bring them.


We haven't found out anything on the laws in Reno for masks, but on the 2/10 raid, two police cars passed us by and just nodded, and we all had something covering our face. We're pretty sure the laws in Reno aren't too strict on this, but if you have information stating otherwise, please send me an email.
Whatever covers your face will work. Anything from Guy Fawkes masks to bandanas is acceptable. Just make sure you have something to conceal your identity, as to avoid repercussions from Scifags.


Memes and internet lingo are not allowed on signs. We’re trying to convey a message to the public, and the mixture of memes with our message like “Scientology is Closed Due To Thetans” will not get our point out there, it will only confuse the onlookers and make us seem unprofessional. Meme speak between Anons is acceptable , but shouting or displaying things our audience will not understand is not.


One of our main concerns in this is to remain professional, and to do that, we must obey the law. Please refrain from drinking or using drugs before the raid, or committing illegal acts during it. There will be no vandalism or violence and we will respect the place where we carry out our protest.


Anyone that is available to carpool other Anons to the raid and anyone that needs a ride, please send me an email so we can organize it. If anyone lives in the Minden/Gardnerville area, contact me, as we have a volunteer.
For those that would like to ride the bus, the Route 7 will get you there. It isn’t very far from Citicenter. I will be riding the bus, so if you want to figure out how you can ride the bus downtown from where you live, or want to know what I look like so we can meet up on the bus, please send me an email and I will help you out.

Answering Questions

During the protest, people will come up to us and ask what we are protesting. Don’t be afraid to refer them to another Anon if you’re not very educated on the subject (it doesn’t take much knowledge of Scientology to despise it, after all). We have lots of knowledgeable Anons, who will be able to take control of giving people information.
Also, please print out pamphlets and flyers to hand out if you can. You can find lots of ready-to-print things on under IMPORTANT LINKS > Rapidshare of Flyers/Useful Propaganda and More Flyers. If you want more information quick, these flyers are a good fast read. And this is just one link, there are many places sharing propaganda, so look around.


Being not too far away from the CoS, we may be approached by Scientologist. They are actually encouraged to confront us. But as we all know, Scientology is fragile with all of the irony and idiocy it presents in its arguments. Point this out! It is easy to win against these people, just tell them the truth of how wrong they are and they will have nothing to say. We may not encounter any since it will be a Saturday, but be ready just in case.


Bring any and all cameras! Anything that has an ability to take a picture, like a cell phone, bring it, and use it! If you have a video camera at your disposal, its presence at the raid will be highly appreciated. Sharing documentation of these raids with Anonymous is one of our high points of building morale and gaining support. Also, feel free to bring extra instant cameras for your fellow Anonymous.
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A little bit of a redesign! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A little bit of a redesign!   A little bit of a redesign! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2008 3:56 am

And I reposted that same email under Craigslist Events Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A little bit of a redesign!   A little bit of a redesign! Icon_minitime

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A little bit of a redesign!
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